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In the education sphere, the debate continues between whether an Interactive Whiteboard (Smart, Promethean, etc.) is better, or worse, than a teacher with a mobile tablet whose display is projected on a screen.  Another technology that has the potential for being a game changer is being developed by Leap Motion.  What it is is a small device about the size of a USB hub that sits in front of your monitor and maps the space above it.  When you stick your hands or a pencil into that space, their presence and gestures are translated into movements on the screen.  If you have ever seen the movie “Minority Report” where Cruise manipulates the images around him by waving his arms, you have some idea of the technology.

Developers just started receiving the early beta units this past week and it is clear that the technology is still very young.  However, I feel like this reviewer does, that if the technology could be polished and miniaturized – similar to the way the iSight camera transitioned from a clip-on camera to a just a dot on your screen – then the days of mice, trackpads and fingerprint smudges on your screen might be numbered – not to mention Interactive Whiteboards.