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The stereotypical video gamer is male, under 30 and a little (or a lot) antisocial.  However, just from my experience at a coeducational school, I know that the stereotype is quite far from the truth.  Sure, there is the “First Person Shooter” crowd that, at least in my experience, is made up of  boys, but there are a lot of girls out there that are equally involved in gaming.  They game, they game hard, and they game for long periods at a time.  However, this stereotype is still very much in evidence as described in the article What It’s Like For a Girl Gamer recently published in Slate.  The author, , who is a gamer and also a PhD candidate in sociology, describes the current, misogynistic state of the field and outlines how some game companies are actively targeting and suppressing those in the community writing hateful comments.  The article is definitely worth a read and it might also change a few preconceptions of your own – as it did for me.