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The regular news channels are filled with information about the new iPad – which is actually what Apple’s calling their new device.  Just “iPad.” But, unless you’re very interested in the latest technical specifications there’s not really too much that’s different between this version and the previous one – except for the screen.  Therefore, if you aren’t too bothered about the technical side of things, all you really need to know is that this iPad is “Bigger, Better, Faster, More – especially the screen,” and you can stop reading.

Ah, you’re still reading.  OK, so, what is the most important information to know about this new device?  Well, there are actually 3 parts to the new release, the iPad itself, the newly released operating system (iOS) and some new Apps that run on it.  And, I’ve intentionally mixed them together in my list below.

The latest iPad:

  • Is the same price that the iPad 2 sold for.
    • (The iPad 2 is still available for $100 less.)
  • Has a battery that lasts the same 10 hours as the iPad 2.
  • Has built-in voice dictation (AKA Siri)
  • Now has an unbelievably high-resolution “Retina Display” screen – so high that even text looks smooth at any size.
    • (In fact, the screen has over 1,000,000 more pixels than a 1080P HD TV screen)
    • iPhoto is now available for the iPad (and costs a whopping $5)
  • Has faster processors (main processor and graphics processor)
    • Also has twice as much RAM to hold all that video data (not to be confused with storage – ie. not 16 or 32 GB)
  • Has more antennas and faster ways to connect to the Internet and to other iOS devices (4G, LTE).
  • Is slightly thicker and slightly heavier than the iPad 2.
  • Has a camera that has been completely redesigned (autofocus with face detection and video image stabilization)

Overall, it’s been highly revamped to give the user a more fluid, high-resolution and faster experience – with the highlight of this model being the new screen.