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After yesterday’s announcement of Apple’s new iPad one would think that it would be the first thing I write about.  Nope.  While it is interesting, I will write about that later.  What I think is even more interesting is a little, quietly-announced application called Configurator for schools and businesses.  This App will let users simultaneously set up and manage many iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, etc) from a central location.  Also, the description states that the App will let the manager “Check out a device to a user and restore the user’s settings and data on that device” and then “Check in a device from a user and back up the data for later use, possibly on a different device.”  All in all, this is one application to keep an eye on – and once I get a fleet of iPads to test this on, I’ll be sure to write more.

Edit: Topher Kessler at MacFixIt just wrote this review of configurator.  Be sure to read the comments at the bottom.