In my previous post I showcased a few websites ideal for searching and using free images.  If you’re creating a podcast, a short video presentation, or even a full-length movie, you’re probably going to want to include some music – as music does wonders for setting the tone and conveying feelings in ways that images and dialog struggle with.  When the film-maker, Marco Torres came to the school a few weeks ago, he introduced me to Incompetech – as a searchable source of royalty-free music. There are thousands of different songs and jingles in his database and all he asks is that when you use his material, you attribute it to him using the accepted Creative Commons attribution license (see below).  If you can’t attribute his work, he even makes it easy by letting you download a “Sans Attribution Release” to wave front of the lawyers.  The site is extremely easy to use and the clips I’ve downloaded so far have been of very high quality.

From the FAQ site:
How do I place a credit for this music in my project?

  • If your project has only music from me in it; you can credit it as “Music: Kevin MacLeod”.
  • If your project has many pieces from different people, you can credit me as “(name of the pieces of music you are using) Kevin MacLeod (”.
  • If you’d like to include the full license for legal reasons, you can do the following: “Title Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″”
    It is important that you replace the word Title with the Actual Title of the piece that you are using!