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As I write my first post in quite a while about educational technology I have mixed feelings about the SOPA and PIPA acts and the Internet community’s response to them.  While I feel that there do need to be additional protections for intellectual property, how these protections are to be structured shouldn’t be so draconian as to effectively shut down very useful sites like Wikipedia.  And, the Internet community’s response of civil disobedience was admirable to watch unfold.  However, the response of Anonymous and their attack against numerous governmental and industry sites has made me a little apprehensive.  With the global attacks still above 24% of normal, the response of governments will probably push toward increasingly draconian measures to prevent future attacks.  There are some sites which are suggesting that Anonymous got “played” and the actions were, in fact, an attempt by either industry or a governmental agency to bolster support for even more crackdowns on the freedoms of the Internet.  In any event, the goodwill with the public that was generated by the Internet community was probably all just shattered by the actions of a very few – regardless of who committed them.