OK, so the title of this entry is an intentional misquote from a famous book series, but the product is very impressive.  1Password is a highly-encrypted digital storage vault to keep track of all your passwords for Websites, computer accounts, software licenses, scans of credit cards, passports and basically anything that you might need to access.  The way it works is that you download a small program for your computer that then installs a toolbar into your Web browsers.  From the toolbar, you can manage the system by adding and entering user-names and passwords into the encrypted database.  There is also an application that gives you much more flexibility by letting you drag in files (like software license keys) sort entries based on different criteria and managing any password or file type you might wan to keep secure – and it works extremely well.

However there’s always the time when you’re away from your home computer, on your school computer or on some trip where you really didn’t think you’d lose your passport – or all your credit cards, and you need a copy of something.  Where 1Password really shines is when it is coupled with Dropbox.  Dropbox is a service that lets you mount a folder on your computer that then synchronizes whatever is in there to the Cloud.  From there, it will synchronize all your other folders on all your other computers – or mobile devices.  Because of this, all your computers (Mac, Win, etc.) and all your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) can all use the SAME, encrypted data file – and even access it through the Web – through a secure portal.  I’ve used 1Password now for awhile now and have found it to be very useful and easy to use.  Reviews from TechRadar, PCWorld readers and MacWorld all praise it.  Highly recommended.