Have you ever wished you were untethered from the Interactive White Board (SMART Board)?  Do you feel like you’re stuck at the front of the classroom where not much has changed since the age of Chalk and Talk?  Warren Apel (whom I saw speak in Frankfurt) has just posted some of his speaking notes in the form of a blog entry. He gives very clear instructions for how to use an iPad for almost everything that the SMART board can do – but at a much lower cost.  Currently his setup requires the use of both an iPad and a Mac, but as AirPlay becomes more robust the Mac will most likely become superfluous – except in the rare cases where the full power of a computer is needed.  For a price breakdown on what a setup could cost, Frasier Speirs has used a large flat panel display instead of a projector – which is cheaper, brighter and better than most projectors – and costs peanuts when you add in the (now unneeded) Interactive White Board.  But, you might be asking yourself, “What about the SMART Notebook software?  I don’t want to lose the ability of writing out notes and then sending them to the students.”  Again, Frasier has done the homework to show how all this is possible – and the students don’t need the SMART Notebook software to see the notes as they’re all sent out in PDF format.  True, some of the fancier features of  SMART Notebook aren’t all rolled into  the same iPad App, but with all the apps that are great at doing one thing and doing it very well, we might be nearing the end of the one-application-to-do-everything-for-you model.