I came across this article while reading Warren’s Tech Blog the other day and I felt it was so good, that I had to “ReTweet” it here.  Jesus Diaz on Gizmodo argues that touch-based computers (specifically the iPad) are changing how people interact with computing devices.  The technogeeks and those who are computer hobbyists don’t understand the attraction of the iPad because, for them, it is simply an underpowered version of what they already have.  However, the vast majority of computer users deal with them because they have to, rather than because they enjoy the experience – and this is where the iPad comes in.  Like Warren, my favorite part of the article is:

There are people who can’t understand this evolution. Why normal people prefer tablets over full, powerful computers? Why should we change when, what we have now works just fine?

The problem is that it doesn’t work just fine. Ask anyone who is not a nerd or a computer hobbyist and they will tell you that they hate them with the same passion they love their iPhones and iPads. The answer is in the complexity of the computer vs the simplicity of the touch interface. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s extremely powerful. And the result is that productivity has a lower cost on the latter than in the former.


And that’s the key to understand the success of touch computers. They are giving back the tools to the masses because the masses no longer feel alienated by the tools. The touch interface is making things natural and is making developers to simplify the access to their tools. And, by doing that, everyone will have more power than ever.

Are you a non geek that uses an iPad?  What are your thoughts?