I recently had a chance to test out VoiceThread, and I must say it’s intriguing.  I had never heard about it until last week when many of my colleagues started raving about the service, and how many of their teachers have adopted it. Essentially, it is a mechanism for discussing any piece of media collaboratively – including pictures, movies, PDFs, MS Office documents and a variety of other media types.  One first creates an acc0unt on the VoiceThread server, uploads one’s content, and then invites students (or colleagues) to discuss or write about it – or even draw on it.  Because it’s a managed solution, it is private – which is frequently what is needed for working with younger students.  I can see it being used heavily in art or TOK courses – but many other courses are currently using it (Click here for examples).  Lastly, while they would love to take your money for using it, there is a free version of the service to help you get started.

To see a more thorough review of the platform, click HERE.